A Creative Way For a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can be place for a lot of creativity and inspiration. Mixing and matching bathroom designs within a single space can be even more impactful, so get creative if you're planning on giving your bathroom a face-lift. Ultimately, you can go simple and classic or bright and trendy, the end result is really up to you. Keep on reading below!

An island vibe bathroom remodel

The look:

Get each day off to a bright start with a blast of brilliant Caribbean color. Multicolored stripes and blocks of vivid primary hues create a fun, carnival atmosphere in your small bathroom remodel.

The color:

Hardly a color in the spectrum has been left out, but the key shades are chosen for maximum impact, with bold blue and a variety of yellows and greens covering the entire room to form a vibrantly contrasting mix. Since the Caribbean has been inhabited by so many different groups like the French, Dutch, English, African, and Spanish, there is a huge eclectic style that comes into play when choosing furniture pieces. Look for furniture pieces that have more of a relaxed, lived-in sort of style with light airy distressed woods for tables and chairs.The yellow and orange fills the room with Caribbean sunshine, while the blue walls suggest a vast tropical horizon. It’s multicolored lush flowers and leaves further suggest an island vibe for your bathroom remodel design.

The suite:

Traditionally shaped fittings and taps complement the decorative character of the room. Painting the bath panelling blue makes it blend in with the walls and contrasts the flesh-colored floorings. Decorating the toilet makes it an eye-catching focal point for your bathroom remodel idea.

The flooring and accessories:

The flesh tones of the floor tiles are perfect for a restrained exotic look. It brings an island theme look with its flower-like ensemble. Stamp your own style in this bathroom remodel with pictures and other ornaments. Mirrors can also provide decorative opportunities - look for unusual frames or shapes. You can even try a period-style design with a wooden table basin.

An all-white bathroom remodel

The look:

With mosaic tiles covering the walls, bath surround and floor, this bathroom is a real labor of love - the effect is easy to achieve but does not take time to accomplish.

The color:

Pure as white snow. The color white clears go here the senses to give this room a spartan charm, which is emphasized by the natural textures of the accessories. The mosaic patterning adds subtle interest to the white surfaces, and its irregular shaping gives an individual look. The blue wave adds a single splash of eye-catching color which is dramatic in its simplicity.

Tiles and shelves:

Irregularly shaped mosaics can be created and form a wonderful design for your flooring.
You don’t need an expensive fitted cupboard to keep this bathroom remodel design tidy.

Accessories: The collection of pristine items puts some soul in the room. The vases over here with leaves and driftwood scattered across the room are natural finds that can be picked anywhere. Add a wood block as a seat in the corner and even a sprinkle of go here rose petals on the water - this creates a magical bath time experience.

Always remember, a small space doesn’t have to look cluttered or cramped when you incorporate a few clever tricks of the trade – your bathroom remodel can soon ooze style and sophistication, even if all you have is a shower room to experiment with.

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